Possible applications

  • Building acceptance
  • Inspection
  • Documentation

SODALIS offers modern communication solutions for direct interaction among property developers, customers and experts in real-time. By means of high-definition video transmission, all the conference participants receive a precise status report. SODALIS eliminates the need of tedious trips to the construction site, thus advancing the completion of the construction project.

Completing construction projects on schedule and with secure documentation.


  • Virtual inspection of the construction site
  • Audiovisual communication among several participants
  • Accelerated construction process
  • Reliable documentation
  • Checklists for acceptance procedures

Bringing construction projects to completion more quickly

Coordinating all the parties involved in construction and assembling them for an appointment on-site in case of pending acceptance procedures is not an easy task. Long arrival times and additional obligations make it more difficult to find a suitable appointment. Especially for acceptance procedures involving individual sub-segments, long travel times are often not economical. Due to the lack of validation and acceptance, the schedule of the entire construction project can frequently be put at risk, however. With SODALIS, personal presence at the construction site is no longer absolutely necessary, thanks to audiovisual communication.

Via intelligent software modules, SODALIS offers practical features for reliable documentation of the construction measures completed. In digital form, all the necessary documents are directly available for acceptance. Checklists allow for efficient check-off of individual inspection items. The high-definition video transmission offers a realistic picture for inspections and a precise view of the construction phase.