Core functions

  • Human resources planning
  • Resources planning

  • Order lists
  • Checklists

SODALIS offers well-organized and easy organization of your service orders. Team leaders assign individual tickets or customers to available employees. Via SODALIS, they receive relevant information on the nature of the order and the resources required. All important data on the deployment can be retrieved from the field.

With smart solutions to deployment planning, you optimize the capacity utilization of your service team.


  • Quickly assign service orders
  • Overview of available employees
  • Optimize the capacity utilization of the service team
  • Save resources
  • Retrieve relevant deployment from the field

Know exactly which service order is next in line

Many individual service orders occur on a given day in customer service. Some involve scheduled appointments for maintenance procedures and inspections, but also time-critical fault and malfunction messages. A good planning solution is indispensable for efficient processing of tickets.

Through a mobile solution, SODALIS enables the assignment of orders to qualified technicians. They receive a well-organized list of pending tasks and are able to see at a glance the destination of the next deployment. At the same time, they are capable of independently streamlining their appointments. Retrieving information on the service order, preparing tools and spare parts or determining deployment routes.

Team leaders receive a centralized overview on pending, ongoing and completed orders. This results in a current status condition on available employees and resources. In this manner, SODALIS achieves higher capacity utilization and productivity of the service team with simultaneously lower use of resources and time.