Possible applications

  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Plant acceptance
  • Documentation

SODALIS supports all service processes in the energy sector for maximum availability of plants on the power grid and in the energy market. Specialized engineers and technicians can be patched in live on-site on very short notice – regardless of whether it be an offshore wind park or a remotely-located natural gas power plant.

Video and audio communication enables direct service support in real time.


  • Efficient deployment of experts
  • Mobile collaboration for direct knowledge transfer
  • Higher quality
  • Shorter travel times and lower costs
  • Reduced travel times

Direct knowledge transfer instead of long wait times

The need for reliable power supply creates high requirements for the plants of the providers and manufacturers – starting with individual components, right down to the overall power plant. Ongoing service procedures are required to guarantee smooth-running operations. With SODALIS, all the relevant information, blueprints or checklists are available on-site – without requiring the personal presence of the responsible specialist. For sophisticated tasks, he can also be available on short-term notice to coordinate further actions by means of audiovisual communication. Thanks to video transmission in real time, he can follow the correct completion of the tasks.

SODALIS offers myriad opportunities of mobile collaboration for service employees in energy industries – independent of time and location. Instead of long wait times and high travel costs, important information is at the experts’ fingertips when they need it. This enables more efficient completion of service tasks and more quickly frees up the experts again for other deployments.