Core Functions

  • Audiovisual communication
  • Assignment planning
  • Document processing


  • Work schedules
  • Multimedia guidebooks
  • Checklists

The mobile solutions from SODALIS provide optimal support for your Field Service Management. Thanks to the app, all the important information and documents for the assignment are available on-site. Field service employees can consult directly with specialists and other project participants.

Customized Functions for your Field Service Management.


  • Easier assignment planning
  • Completion of tasks according to work schedule
  • Elimination of travel times and costs
  • Direct consultation with experts
  • Off-line functionalities
  • Higher service quality

Field Service Management the easy way

SODALIS offers field service employees a variety of functions, in order to effectively organize maintenance projects, plant acceptance routines or short-term repairs, even during customer visits. The focus is on higher quality of completed tasks as well as the best possible assignment of engineers, technicians and additional service employees.

Thanks to mobile communication, SODALIS enables consultation among relevant project participants, without requiring personal presence on-site. That saves tedious business trips and enables quicker response times. In order to support all the processes in field service, SODALIS also allows the retrieval and processing of forms and documents. In addition, flexible work schedules, existing in the form of scripts and checklists guarantee proper completion of assignments as well as documentation. SODALIS provides for greater planning security and efficiency in Field Service Management.