Possible applications

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Plant acceptance
  • Documentation

Swift action is required if malfunctions occur during normal operations. Yet short response times can only seldom be achieved if an expert from the customer’s own company or directly from the manufacturer first has to travel long distances.

Intelligent software and hardware bring new momentum into the service process.


  • Efficient deployment of experts
  • Shorter downtimes
  • Higher quality
  • Shorter travel times and lower costs
  • Mobile collaboration for direct knowledge transfer

Minimizing downtimes and costs

Using our SODALIS platform, companies obtain smart solutions for a variety of maintenance and repair scenarios of their machinery and equipment. Instead of waiting for the expert on-site, by means of audiovisual communication, SODALIS enables his direct involvement in the maintenance and repair process, independent of location.

The hardware, optimized for industrial use, enables hands-free work for maximum safety during the procedures to be carried out. In this, the service employee on-site remains in constant contact with the expert and works according to his guidance, script or mutual interaction. Thanks to mobile collaboration, even more sophisticated tasks can be completed effectively, thereby achieving a higher level of quality. Where needed, third-party project participants or partners can be patched in.

Through the direct knowledge transfer between experts and service employees, procedures on equipment and machinery can be completed much more efficiently and in a shorter time. Based on the recorded video and audio data, the user receives conference of documentation on the work steps performed.