Core Functions

  • Assignment and task planning
  • Checklists
  • Monitoring
  • Audiovisual communication

SODALIS offers modern solutions for your maintenance and servicing concepts. With digital and mobile processes, you can boost your long-term service quality and your overall plan effectiveness – easily and reliably.

Identify problems with mobile collaboration more quickly and solve them.


  • Efficient employee assignment
  • Easier fault analysis


  • Higher service quality
  • Communication independent of location
  • Completion of steps according to script
  • Targeted assignment planning

Mobile Collaboration for Smart Maintenance

Digitized processes in the Industrial Internet of Things also offer new opportunities for greater efficiency in the servicing of machinery and plants. For this, our SODALIS solutions platform offers easy to use software and high-performance hardware components optimized for the particular application. The aim is to achieve continuous improvement in all servicing processes.

For monitoring of plant statuses, SODALIS makes information on error messages or pending maintenance visits available to the servicing department on mobile devices. This enables you to deploy teams to service locations automatically or to schedule pending maintenance routines in advance.

What’s more, this no longer necessarily requires the on-site presence of a specialized service technician. By means of audiovisual communications, the specialist can guide the service technician in the plant step-by-step and monitor live all the actions performed. The knowledge transfer that occurs provides further training to the service technician and in the long term, promotes steps towards autonomous servicing.