SODALIS Field Service for your deployment planning, order management and asset management encompasses two modules: SODALIS Mobile Field Service for employees in the field and SODALIS Field Service Management for inside customer service. Functions matched to the particular needs are available for both mobile and office applications.

SODALIS Mobile Field Service core functions

  • Managing document orders out in the field
  • Calendar functions provide a quick overview of pending assignments
  • Management of order-relevant tools, equipment or spare parts
  • Supporting map view improves routing directions and navigation
  • Reliable documentation

SODALIS Field Service Management core functions

  • Work plans and dashboards for better coordination of service teams
  • Assign orders to available employees
  • Provide relevant data and information on the deployment
  • Asset management with integrated service history
  • Integration of Google Maps and Microsoft outlook

Efficient management of your deployments and assets.
Find out more about SODALIS Field Service in the datasheet.

SODALIS Mobile Field Service advantages

  • Ideal for mobile use
  • Optimized length of deployment
  • All important data and components on-site
  • Exchange with the team in the office
  • Interfaces for easy integration

SODALIS Field Service Management advantages

  • Ideal for inside service
  • Efficient order management
  • Optimal deployment of service teams
  • Well-organized asset management
  • Interfaces for easy integration