Core Functions

  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Checklists


  • Assignment and task planning
  • Audiovisual communication

Troubleshooting frequently requires the know-how of experts. Instead of long travel and wait times until they have arrived on-site, SODALIS offers centralized functions for mobile collaboration. This makes your team a rapid deployment force with a direct connection to the knowledge of the experts.

Quickly restoring smooth running operations.


  • Shorter response times
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Completion of steps according to script
  • Quicker achievement of target status
  • Higher service quality
  • Efficient employee assignment

Mobile Solutions for Smart Troubleshooting

Even the slightest of faults are capable of slowing down or completely stopping entire manufacturing lines. That is why monitoring of plant and system parameters, for example, is fundamental in identifying problems at an early stage. This is where our SODALIS solutions platform comes in.

On mobile devices, relevant parameters for the operation of plants, applications or systems can be tracked in real time. If the fault does occur, SODALIS reports all the fault messages and statuses to the service team. Employees on call are easily reached via the overview for assignment planning.

As soon as the fault source has been identified, SODALIS prepares checklists and scripts on the recommended tasks. If all necessary information or the expertise for the scenario is not yet available, the audiovisual communication enables the direct exchange in real time with additional employees and specialists.